Below is a range of SAMPLE menus showing a range of what we offer, we pride ourselves on catering to your specific requirements, just talk to us.

Isod ceir amrywiaeth o fwydlenni SAMPL dangos amrywiaeth o'r hyn rydym yn ei gynnig, rydym yn ymfalchïo arlwyo i'ch gofynion penodol, dim ond cysylltu â ni sydd angen.

Party Menus

Finger Buffet (A)  -  £5.95 per head (inc VAT)

Selection of Sandwiches and Wraps

Chicken Goujons and Dips

Home made Quiche (Cheese, tomato and spring onion)

Home made Potato Croquettes (Cheese and onion)

Home made Corned Beef Rissoles

Cocktail Sausage Rolls

Vol Au Vents (various fillings)

Chipolata sausages

Picked Onions


Cake selection - Choose from the following: Chocolate eclairs, Custard Slices, Aplle and Raspbery turnovers, Cup cakes Welsh cakes and Bara brith

Healthier Options

You may wish to substitute some items for Vegetable fingers and dips (Crudités),

Fresh fruit platters, nuts and dried fruit


Knife and Fork Buffet (B)  -  £8.75 per head (inc VAT)

Chicken breasts

Ham slices

Homemade vegetarian quiche

Scotch eggs

Savoury rice

Pasta bowls


Salad and vegetable platters

Baby new potatoes

Dessert - Selection of mini cakes

Children's Party (C)  -  £5.50 per head (inc VAT)

Selection of sandwiches and wraps

Chicken nuggets and dips (Tomato ketchup or BBQ sauce)

Sausage rolls

Pizza (Vegetarian)

Chipolata sausages

Pickled onions


Cake selection - Selection of mini chocolate eclairs custard slices or cup cakes

Business Breakfast Buffet (D) -  £2.20 each (inc VAT)

Bacon rolls / Sausage rolls / Fried egg rolls served with sauce portions

Business Breakfast Buffet (E) -  £4.25 Per head (inc VAT)

Croissants with butter, jam and marmalade portions


Fresh fruit selection

Fruit juices and water

Business Lunch (F) -  £4.25 Per head (inc VAT)

Sandwiches and wraps platters


Welshcakes or Bara brith or Fruit selection

Packed Lunch (G) -  Price on request



Chocolate bar or fruit

Can of fizzy drink or bottle of water